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Unusual – FIFA 17: youtubeur gives a trick to score every time

Scheduled for September 29, the output of FIFA 17 is definitely speak. After the true-false avatar Zidane, it’s a trick that reveals a British youtubeur. A very lucrative trick.

A British specialist in simulation EA Sports reveals a bug in the upcoming FIFA 17 by allowing him to score every time …

FIFA 17 Hack

Long live the corner to Reims!

With the next installment FIFA, the corner at the Reims has a bright future ahead of him. Kosh, a British Youtubeur specializes in game FIFA reveals a bug in the upcoming FIFA 17 by allowing him to score every time. His trick?Focus at the last moment, just before the ball franchise outer goal line. An equally effective method of corners played in two stages. At the Reims so. The goalkeeper then proves unable to intervene and often too short defenders.

astuce fifa 17

A very reliable tip

For specialist EA Sports simulation, this strategy works 99.99% of the time. A percentage a tad exaggerated because there is always the defender parameter, which can win the aerial duel with the attacker .Nevertheless, one can check out the video demo on-line that this technique is very effective. Still, it is not impossible that by marketing the title on September 29, EA Sports has not made an update.

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