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The Absolute Guide to Buying Best Military Watches

best military watchesIf you walk in police, military or any other security related profession then you probably understand the importance of using one of the best military watches. Not only are they solidly built and help in keeping track of time, they are also a pretty handy gadget for some specialty functions and tasks which we will come to examine in the paragraphs that follows. But before we get to that, studies and research on our part has revealed that a good number of these military timepiece falls into the categories of best watches under 200 dollars and what this means is that with a budget of 200 dollars or less you can easily and effortlessly purchase one of the most top rated military watch for your everyday usage.

What this also means is that spending a huge budget on pricey and expensive police watches is absolutely not necessary. But then, to fully take advantage of the possibilities in buying cheap and affordable watches there are some core factors and points that you must bear in mind and the exhaustive explanation of those points is what this post is primarily all about. So to learn about what these points and factors are we urge to keep reading till the end.

Factors to Watch for When Buying the Best Military Watches

Crystal Window Design – in our opinion this is perhaps one of the most important factors that can’t be ignored when shopping for a police watch that you can totally depend on. Why is the crystal window of a military watch that important? Because depending on how it’s designed and built it make your work easier or complicated!

There are different types of watch designs windows ranging from analog to digital displays but for military purposes, we have found a combination of both digital and analog display design to work best for the job. However, digital displays also work but to get the best we recommend you opt for wrist watch display window that combines both digital and analog displays in one beautiful and classic screen.

This type of screen comes with handy features such as stopwatch, countdown timer, alarm clock functionality, perpetual calendar and backlit which together adds ups to give the wearer a nice experience and an edge over others.

Backlit – if you work at night or in a vicinity that is poorly illuminated, then you will understand the need of a backlit feature in a watch to enable effortlessly read time with a single glance.

Alarm Functionality – this helps you keep up with different appointments and schedules without being late. No matter how busy your day gets or how engaged and busy you are, an alarm functionality will remind you at the exact time or few minutes to the time of your next upcoming appointments.

Leather Strap – now that we have talked exhaustively about wrist watch crystal window, let’s now give a moment to talk about the strap otherwise known as the band. This is the part that is fastened around our wrist to help keep the watch secure and firm without falling off. As a rule of thumb always stay away from watches with chain bracelet as those makes for a poor military timepiece. They can easily be detected by metal detectors should have the need to enter a place quietly without being spotted.

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