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How to reduce your weight?


There are several strategies for weight loss is very convenient.

1. Keep cocktail glass in his right hand and eat with the left hand. This makes it a little difficult for you to be eating his spoon and try to think about the state of fatigue you.
2. Chew gum while cooking in the kitchen. This will ensure you can always taste the food because the finger is touching the food causes obesity and overweight.
3. After dinner, lock and key somewhere in your kitchen that you can easily go to the kitchen and eat anything after dinner.
Research has shown that, if food intake of their notes, next time try to eat less food, be aware of the calorie content of foods.
Junk food in between meals and work as refreshment and taking, notes. If a week to do this gradually you will reduce your calorie.
Nothing like ice cream does not cause weight gain, food in your refrigerator to replace and low fat yogurt, low fat cheese and low-calorie food in front of your hand. Try as much as possible not keep junk food in the house and if you have small children, sweets and cakes they create for yourself and if you have the desire to eat. Reduce sweetness.
Try to eat your food in small plate or preemption. Use a lot of fresh vegetables and drink plenty of water during the day, if you’re not used to drinking low-calorie beverages like ambitions of the regime.
People who want to start dieting they must follow four rules:
1. Eat breakfast.
2. Be aware of the calorie content of foods and foods low in calories consumed.
3. Make sure you exercise daily or at least try to have 1 hour brisk walking.
4. Each day, your weight, your calorie meal in your notes.
If you follow these 4 rules promise that we suddenly see that you’ve lost weight.

Obesity can cause various diseases including: diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and some types of cancer.
So far, about 200 kinds of medicines and weight loss pills are made, but you need to know, hunger process is complex and different bodies, different systems, signals from the brain and appetite control hormones is different for everyone.are.

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