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Download Documentary Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure 2007 Direct dubbing and excellent quality


Genre: Documentary, Animation
IMDB link
Score: 10/7. 1
Quality: 720p, 1080p | Maximum quality, super
Size: 676 MB, 328 MB
Screenshot: Yes
Audio dubbing separately
Bilingual (voice dubbing and voice language)

Bilingual: the film as a bilingual files and audio both in its original language and dubbed in Farsi included. By default, when you run the video tape is dubbed in Farsi. Ability to change the language in other applications such as Kmplayer and domestic players are also available.

Note: This film contains 5% recovery are compressed files. This feature makes it difficult to extract files to zero. Then choose the new address storage part, then refer to the new storage and new files to extract the photos.

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