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Clash Royale Deck Tips: Tickets for Starter Deck

What is the best Clash Royale deck for beginners with Arena 1? This question probably employs one or the other players in the new game app made by Supercell. We have summarized you a few tips and tricks for the best starter deck in Clash Royale here and show you what cards in the deck you have to start very good results can retract.Although there is a good tutorial in Clash Royale and you understand the gameplay quickly, one imagines the beginning quite early the question of what is really the best cover for entry and what to look for when selecting the units? What cards or units should take with them into battle? Although there are clearly many strategies and tactics in Clash Royale here, which will develop in the coming weeks and months, it is served just starting out quite well with the deck below.

Clash Royale deck for beginners (Arena 1)

Clash Royale Deck: Tips and Strategy

Basically, you should look for when putting together your Deck in Clash Royale on two things. Look for a set balanced mix of units and that is:

  • Offensive is as important as defensive: Open to both units for the attack and for the defense in your deck on. Only with offensive units you’ll difficulty getting the attacks of opponents to defend.
  • Balanced Deck: Open not only the strong units in your deck.Although the strong cards are quite useful and even necessary, but consume quite a lot. Especially for the defense there are any units in Clash Royale, which do not consume as much elixir such as goblins but also the simple archers.

Later, it is also important for both units for the ground than to have air raid there. In the beginning one is there very well equipped with the archers. As Clash Royale Starterdeck we can recommend the following cards from Arena. 1

  • Archers / Speer goblins: Both archers or spear goblins as an alternative, should be without a starter deck. The archers are quite useful both for attack and for defense. Costs 3 elixir.
  • Leprechauns: quite useful to the enemy to disrupt costs little elixir and are in the attack and reside. Costs 2 elixir.
  • Giants: The Giants are at the beginning of a very good unit, which should be missed in a Clash Royale deck as beginners. Although the giant cost 5 Elixir, but can for a lot Accept damage while other units to attack the enemy from behind. The Giants can be combined well with the Musketierin and the dragon.
  • Musketierin: The Musketierin can attack ground and air units, making good damage and combines well with the Giants in a deck combine.
  • Dragon Baby: The baby dragon is directed to surface damage and is also very good with the giant combinable.
  • Arrows: The arrows are from the start it and to use quite a Starter Deck. The arrows can be very good to use against enemy troops such as archers or other “weak” units.
  • Fireball: The fireball is very good against enemy towers and buildings. Although you can also make units with the fireball to the ground, but you should note that the fireball is always something fired delayed. Does short, when moving the units You should always have in mind and the best bit “vorzielen”.
  • Skeleton Army: You can use both for attack and for defense in Clash Royale The skeleton army map.

Clash Royale cover tactics and strategy

As you can quickly see the cards in the above listed Clash Royale deck, it’s pretty balanced as far as the elixir of costs for the use of the units. With dragon baby, huge and Musketierin you have both heavy and strong units and with the Archers and goblins also lightweight units that do not require as much Elixir for use. The following strategy and tactics we use with the cover in most cases.

  • Wait until the opponent attacks, to better respond to. We follow in Clash Royale currently the strategy to wait until the opponent attacks. Anyway, until our bar with Elixir is not completely full (10 elixir).
  • If the opponent has not yet attacked and elixir bar is now full, you can also start itself the attack, as well as placing first a giant in our base, the opponent should also put no units when the giant shortly before is the bridge, we immediately place a baby dragon or Musketierin behind the giants. By placing the giant relatively far in our base is the elixir loads already on again until the giant reached enemy territory to then enclose another unit can.
  • If you have already destroyed a tower at the enemy, you can withdraw something and go on the defensive, to better respond to the attacks of the enemy can. Thus one secures his victory and, after the successful block the opponent’s pass back to counterattack.
  • To fend off the enemy troops while just himself attacking a tower of the opponent, you can also use well leprechauns and the skeleton army. These slow down the opponents significantly and the towers can cause great damage from afar, without being attacked himself directly from the opposing forces. Of course, the strong units coming through the tower, however, these are often very much weakened.
  • Basically here of course, always umbrellas your weak units by stronger units that can plug a lot more from. Simply put, never send archers in the attack without previously a giant or other “tank” to place in front of it.
  • For more tips on tactics with our Clash Royale Starterdeck shortly.

Those were our advice deck in Clash Royale for all beginners. In the coming days we will supplement the advice on strategy and tactics even further and imagine decks with stronger units. In the absence of unity in our deck? What is your starter deck? Write it like. In the comments below this post Here you can find further Clash Royale hack cheats.

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