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I wager a great deal of us endure with this issue: we discover a video we like and would truly need saved money on our gadgets, yet it’s on a gushing administration. While the web has an extensive number of administrations that permit you to download recordings accessible on gushing sites, they convey a considerable measure of issues. The greater part of them convey promotions, bugs, and restricted similarity, alongside intermittent instances of administration disappointment. Vidmate App is a portable application that permits clients to download recordings accessible on an assortment of gushing administrations in various arrangements like MP4, MPEG, 3GP, WMV, and FLV, among numerous others.


Vidmate lets users download videos from various video sources like YouTube, IBN live, MySpace, Facebook, NDTV, etc. It lets you visit the website hosting the video, mark favorites, select resource links, and even view television!

Vidmate has a lot of features that make it the best service of its kind. It has negligible bugs, a lot of options, and works without lags or failure. In fact, Vidmate is so good; we don’t think we can sum up everything it offers in paragraphs. These are some features that make Vidmate an ideal application for the purpose:

  • Vidmate supports large files of over a gigabyte. You won’t have to download videos in parts or switch to another device or service if a video you need to download takes up a lot of space. Vidmate allows you to easily download huge files in a large variety of formats, such as 3GP, MP4, FLV, MPEG, and many others.
  • Vidmate automatically detects the link, so you won’t have to do the hard work of locating the exact sources.

If you lose connection, have your phone run out of power, lose network, or face any other problem, you won’t lose what has been downloaded. Hopefully, Vidmate lets you resume, pause and customize the downloading process in various ways.

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