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Traditionally, Konami released his demo around a month before the official release date of the game. Last year, the demo of PES 2016 was released August 13, 2015, one month before the final adjustments of the game on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. It is possible that this year, as usual, so the demo Konami on PS4 and Xbox 360.

PES 2017: the E3 demo

last mid-July saw Konami unveiling a new trailer for PES 2017 during E3 2016. Some tests of the game had already conquered those present and left see the changes made on the previous version, including improved AI guards with very hard to beat, a defense that literally pounces on the ball to prevent you from pulling or counter and that changes according to your attacks.

PES 2017 demo

PES 2017: The 9 minute gameplay Most viewed

On 4 August, the new PES 2017 could finally be tested by fans, a 9 minute video of gameplay circulates once on the canvas where we can see the undisputed beauty of the graphics of the new engine fox engine, modeling impressive players, the atmosphere in the stadiums palpable, the discovery of the new stadium “Nou camp” and a reworked gesture to offer an extraordinary playability.

Release date of the demo

All fans await it, when they can test for themselves the new PES 2017. It remains a long time now, Gamescom has arrived, all the information about the game we will be revealed gradually but we now know that download the demo of PES 2017 will be possible from August 24, the game is already playable and already the Gamecom and you will, for those who have the chance to attend, confirm by you -even improvements to the game. Check the reality and play PES 2017 demo with four of the best teams in the world. Regarding teams available in the demo we will find:

FC Barcelona
Atletico Madrid
Boca Juniors
The German team
The french team

Obviously we have more information throughout the Gamescom, Konami has not revealed all his cards and, as party to prolong the suspense account to the maximum, so stay alert for new news.

Remember that for the download pes 2017, you will receive bonuses in the form of exclusive content for myClub mode. It is already possible to buy your version of PES 2017 on PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Images of the pes 2017 demo on Xbox

The Absolute Guide to Buying Best Military Watches

best military watchesIf you walk in police, military or any other security related profession then you probably understand the importance of using one of the best military watches. Not only are they solidly built and help in keeping track of time, they are also a pretty handy gadget for some specialty functions and tasks which we will come to examine in the paragraphs that follows. But before we get to that, studies and research on our part has revealed that a good number of these military timepiece falls into the categories of best watches under 200 dollars and what this means is that with a budget of 200 dollars or less you can easily and effortlessly purchase one of the most top rated military watch for your everyday usage.

What this also means is that spending a huge budget on pricey and expensive police watches is absolutely not necessary. But then, to fully take advantage of the possibilities in buying cheap and affordable watches there are some core factors and points that you must bear in mind and the exhaustive explanation of those points is what this post is primarily all about. So to learn about what these points and factors are we urge to keep reading till the end.

Factors to Watch for When Buying the Best Military Watches

Crystal Window Design – in our opinion this is perhaps one of the most important factors that can’t be ignored when shopping for a police watch that you can totally depend on. Why is the crystal window of a military watch that important? Because depending on how it’s designed and built it make your work easier or complicated!

There are different types of watch designs windows ranging from analog to digital displays but for military purposes, we have found a combination of both digital and analog display design to work best for the job. However, digital displays also work but to get the best we recommend you opt for wrist watch display window that combines both digital and analog displays in one beautiful and classic screen.

This type of screen comes with handy features such as stopwatch, countdown timer, alarm clock functionality, perpetual calendar and backlit which together adds ups to give the wearer a nice experience and an edge over others.

Backlit – if you work at night or in a vicinity that is poorly illuminated, then you will understand the need of a backlit feature in a watch to enable effortlessly read time with a single glance.

Alarm Functionality – this helps you keep up with different appointments and schedules without being late. No matter how busy your day gets or how engaged and busy you are, an alarm functionality will remind you at the exact time or few minutes to the time of your next upcoming appointments.

Leather Strap – now that we have talked exhaustively about wrist watch crystal window, let’s now give a moment to talk about the strap otherwise known as the band. This is the part that is fastened around our wrist to help keep the watch secure and firm without falling off. As a rule of thumb always stay away from watches with chain bracelet as those makes for a poor military timepiece. They can easily be detected by metal detectors should have the need to enter a place quietly without being spotted.

Kitchen Cutter:

Kitchen Cutter:

Kitchen scissors or cutters are best known for proving help during the cooking time since a very long time. Now, with the new modern techniques these have become a very useful and an essential tool of a kitchen. Scissors are basically two blades with central axis that allow the blades to move in two directions and have a handle for comfortable holding and usage.
It is necessary to have a good Scissors or shear in your kitchen to increase the efficiency of the work process in the kitchen. It makes your work of cutting items much easier, faster and comparatively neater as compared to a knife.
Thus, this review will give you the guidance for purchasing the best of the scissors according to your requirements or needs.


Best Tea kettle Scissors come in variety of range regarding the design and size depending on one’s need from simple cutting to other kitchen related tasks or even household tasks. Some scissors are made of stainless steel which makes them more durable. Some have hard metal blades for cutting chicken bones or vegetables while some have blades just delicate enough to cut fruits or plastic packets. The handle could be of either plastic for easy grip or could be of metal to avoid the breaking of handle in rough hands or through rough use. Some scissors come with the special feature of finger grip shaped handles to ensure the firmness of your holding while cutting coarse and soft food items. You should buy those scissors which can be easily washed and good for everyday use and are hygienic.
Moreover, some scissors have a curved sharp opener feature, between the handles for removing the jar’s or bottle’s cap easily without having to have a separate tool for opening.

The most effective asphalt 8 unlimited online app

For one to have fun and obtain the effective asphalt 8 unlimited guide, no need to consider, since to get this type of problem is n’t any simple and easy. You must participate in race for quite a while, which can be quite hard, due to incapability to make use of fast offered car on the competition. You need a decent cheat tool for asphalt 8 to assist you outside.

asphalt 8 hack apk

After research meant for tricks for your racing game, I found out which tools basically are quite challenging to get or even use. I had formed to inquire the overall game maker whether they can produce a program that can help players. These people declined. That helped me to keep upon searching, right until I discovered spot to have it to operate. It provides working asphalt 8 airborne tokens for free free of charge. It is unlike various applications that you know. The structure is superb and even performs in a really user-friendly strategy. One could try as much as possible to utilize it.

The new discovered software allows you to enter your individual information pertaining to what to get dispatched. You are presented a good control panel quite totally different from the ones software that could tell you they will work. On the website you must enter in your login name and also stuff quantity you need to be delivered within your asphalt game. You may even come to be wanted to complete some kind of human being name, making sure that you’re not imitation individual or robotic, planning to get access to the main asphalt 8 hack.

It is straightforward and also all to easy to utilize and also should never require long in order to get options you may need in the real game. Is considered consistent speed will help make you to use it again just for adding asphalt 8 racing stars free.

For those who have read and studied the following, I know you might have received awareness on how the particular hack gets results. Get started on this particular extremely moment and commence putting all resources for the overall game within your profile. Dont fail to opt for the most valuable automotive and even interact with me personally within *multiplayer setting.

Additionally you can inform your associates or simply anyone who value to engage in this online game, however , ended. Let them know about this effective asphalt 8 unlimited guide. You will observe right at the end, they are going to thank you so much and may buy that you a sip. It is a great thing to discuss

CSR Racing 2 Tips and Tricks For Gold


csr racing 2 hack


CSR Racing 2 is a drag racing game with over 100 million downloads. The game has excellent graphics and an intense and addictive game play. You can also  challenge other players online , or train your drag skills in a fast race. CSR Racing 2 today received a major update to Windows Phone, check below all the news.




  • 4 CARS EXCLUSIVE COPA – Four hearts, each dedicated to one of the most amazing cars ever made: Poison Lamborghini, Jaguar C-X75, Koenigsegg One: 1 and Mazda Furai.
  • EARN THE MACHINE SUPREME – Win the hearts and win the final to win the incomparable Ferrari
  • FXX K! EVEN MORE relays – Compete against the best in the main event of The International!
  • NEW CHASE MODE – Test your machine in the new and intense chase races – only in the final! NEW CHALLENGES – All new cars added to “Run with friends!”


This is CSR Racing. The best drag racing game through the city, with more than 95 licensed cars, stunning graphics, addictive gameplay a vibrant player competition against online player. Play a quick race in a spare minute or tighten the belt and enter the race for the top ranking.


RUN OVER 95 LICENSED CARS of the most prestigious manufacturers in the world, including McLaren, Bugatti, Aston Martin, Koenigsegg and Hennessey

COMPETITION MULTIPLAYER – Race online against the best CSR players to win special new cars and get to the top of the world rankings!


WITH WORLD TOUR! Complete Series 5 and run against new international teams.Race against the best in America and get the Saleen S7 Twin Turbo. More teams soon!

WIN TEAMS and send the city. Ignore the talk of the opponents. Win all bosses and be the new king of the streets.


IMPROVE the engine, use more adhesive tires and get rid of the maximum weight to lower your time.

PERSONALIZE their cars and improve their victories with customized paintings, plates and stickers.

csr racing 2 hack

This is the last work CSR Racing 2 hack tool cheat for iOS devices: iPhone, iPod Touch,iPad and Android without jailbreak needed, which can generate unlimited cash, generate unlimited gold medals, generate fraud of unlimited gas to your CSR Racing gaming account for free and instantly. Players can now ride fast level, skip delivery news upgrades, unlock and buy all cars, decals, customization, upgraded car parts and play all day by the unlimited gas, gold medals and money using this Hack tool CSR Racing 2.
If you find this useful, you can donate by clicking the donation application. This CSR Racing 2 Cheats are 100% fully functional, updated and undetected from 2013. You can download this amazing CSR Racing Cheat tool below.

Clash Royale Deck Tips: Tickets for Starter Deck

What is the best Clash Royale deck for beginners with Arena 1? This question probably employs one or the other players in the new game app made by Supercell. We have summarized you a few tips and tricks for the best starter deck in Clash Royale here and show you what cards in the deck you have to start very good results can retract.Although there is a good tutorial in Clash Royale and you understand the gameplay quickly, one imagines the beginning quite early the question of what is really the best cover for entry and what to look for when selecting the units? What cards or units should take with them into battle? Although there are clearly many strategies and tactics in Clash Royale here, which will develop in the coming weeks and months, it is served just starting out quite well with the deck below.

Clash Royale deck for beginners (Arena 1)

Clash Royale Deck: Tips and Strategy

Basically, you should look for when putting together your Deck in Clash Royale on two things. Look for a set balanced mix of units and that is:

  • Offensive is as important as defensive: Open to both units for the attack and for the defense in your deck on. Only with offensive units you’ll difficulty getting the attacks of opponents to defend.
  • Balanced Deck: Open not only the strong units in your deck.Although the strong cards are quite useful and even necessary, but consume quite a lot. Especially for the defense there are any units in Clash Royale, which do not consume as much elixir such as goblins but also the simple archers.

Later, it is also important for both units for the ground than to have air raid there. In the beginning one is there very well equipped with the archers. As Clash Royale Starterdeck we can recommend the following cards from Arena. 1

  • Archers / Speer goblins: Both archers or spear goblins as an alternative, should be without a starter deck. The archers are quite useful both for attack and for defense. Costs 3 elixir.
  • Leprechauns: quite useful to the enemy to disrupt costs little elixir and are in the attack and reside. Costs 2 elixir.
  • Giants: The Giants are at the beginning of a very good unit, which should be missed in a Clash Royale deck as beginners. Although the giant cost 5 Elixir, but can for a lot Accept damage while other units to attack the enemy from behind. The Giants can be combined well with the Musketierin and the dragon.
  • Musketierin: The Musketierin can attack ground and air units, making good damage and combines well with the Giants in a deck combine.
  • Dragon Baby: The baby dragon is directed to surface damage and is also very good with the giant combinable.
  • Arrows: The arrows are from the start it and to use quite a Starter Deck. The arrows can be very good to use against enemy troops such as archers or other “weak” units.
  • Fireball: The fireball is very good against enemy towers and buildings. Although you can also make units with the fireball to the ground, but you should note that the fireball is always something fired delayed. Does short, when moving the units You should always have in mind and the best bit “vorzielen”.
  • Skeleton Army: You can use both for attack and for defense in Clash Royale The skeleton army map.

Clash Royale cover tactics and strategy

As you can quickly see the cards in the above listed Clash Royale deck, it’s pretty balanced as far as the elixir of costs for the use of the units. With dragon baby, huge and Musketierin you have both heavy and strong units and with the Archers and goblins also lightweight units that do not require as much Elixir for use. The following strategy and tactics we use with the cover in most cases.

  • Wait until the opponent attacks, to better respond to. We follow in Clash Royale currently the strategy to wait until the opponent attacks. Anyway, until our bar with Elixir is not completely full (10 elixir).
  • If the opponent has not yet attacked and elixir bar is now full, you can also start itself the attack, as well as placing first a giant in our base, the opponent should also put no units when the giant shortly before is the bridge, we immediately place a baby dragon or Musketierin behind the giants. By placing the giant relatively far in our base is the elixir loads already on again until the giant reached enemy territory to then enclose another unit can.
  • If you have already destroyed a tower at the enemy, you can withdraw something and go on the defensive, to better respond to the attacks of the enemy can. Thus one secures his victory and, after the successful block the opponent’s pass back to counterattack.
  • To fend off the enemy troops while just himself attacking a tower of the opponent, you can also use well leprechauns and the skeleton army. These slow down the opponents significantly and the towers can cause great damage from afar, without being attacked himself directly from the opposing forces. Of course, the strong units coming through the tower, however, these are often very much weakened.
  • Basically here of course, always umbrellas your weak units by stronger units that can plug a lot more from. Simply put, never send archers in the attack without previously a giant or other “tank” to place in front of it.
  • For more tips on tactics with our Clash Royale Starterdeck shortly.

Those were our advice deck in Clash Royale for all beginners. In the coming days we will supplement the advice on strategy and tactics even further and imagine decks with stronger units. In the absence of unity in our deck? What is your starter deck? Write it like. In the comments below this post Here you can find further Clash Royale hack cheats.

How to reduce your weight?

There are several strategies for weight loss is very convenient.

1. Keep cocktail glass in his right hand and eat with the left hand. This makes it a little difficult for you to be eating his spoon and try to think about the state of fatigue you.
2. Chew gum while cooking in the kitchen. This will ensure you can always taste the food because the finger is touching the food causes obesity and overweight.
3. After dinner, lock and key somewhere in your kitchen that you can easily go to the kitchen and eat anything after dinner.
Research has shown that, if food intake of their notes, next time try to eat less food, be aware of the calorie content of foods.
Junk food in between meals and work as refreshment and taking, notes. If a week to do this gradually you will reduce your calorie.
Nothing like ice cream does not cause weight gain, food in your refrigerator to replace and low fat yogurt, low fat cheese and low-calorie food in front of your hand. Try as much as possible not keep junk food in the house and if you have small children, sweets and cakes they create for yourself and if you have the desire to eat. Reduce sweetness.
Try to eat your food in small plate or preemption. Use a lot of fresh vegetables and drink plenty of water during the day, if you’re not used to drinking low-calorie beverages like ambitions of the regime.
People who want to start dieting they must follow four rules:
1. Eat breakfast.
2. Be aware of the calorie content of foods and foods low in calories consumed.
3. Make sure you exercise daily or at least try to have 1 hour brisk walking.
4. Each day, your weight, your calorie meal in your notes.
If you follow these 4 rules promise that we suddenly see that you’ve lost weight.

Obesity can cause various diseases including: diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and some types of cancer.
So far, about 200 kinds of medicines and weight loss pills are made, but you need to know, hunger process is complex and different bodies, different systems, signals from the brain and appetite control hormones is different for everyone.are.

Download Documentary Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure 2007 Direct dubbing and excellent quality

Genre: Documentary, Animation
IMDB link
Score: 10/7. 1
Quality: 720p, 1080p | Maximum quality, super
Size: 676 MB, 328 MB
Screenshot: Yes
Audio dubbing separately
Bilingual (voice dubbing and voice language)

Bilingual: the film as a bilingual files and audio both in its original language and dubbed in Farsi included. By default, when you run the video tape is dubbed in Farsi. Ability to change the language in other applications such as Kmplayer and domestic players are also available.

Note: This film contains 5% recovery are compressed files. This feature makes it difficult to extract files to zero. Then choose the new address storage part, then refer to the new storage and new files to extract the photos.

Download The Witcher Adventure Game v1.2.3.2 version of the adventure game wizard

The Witcher Adventure Game as a new generation of game The Witcher (Wizard), which is supplied by the Polish company CD Projekt Red. This game is exactly related to the main theme of the game The Witcher is a very big difference with other editions of the series and it is the style of gameplay. Style action RPG game The Witcher Adventure Game of the Board Games has changed. In fact, this game The Witcher is a subset of the series of games that are specifically interested in the production and supply of board games.


Features :

Its unique design games based on the series of The Witcher
Have fun gameplay
Ability to play offline and online
Clear and understandable rules
It has four unique heroes with unique abilities and skills
Business Achievement different capabilities and participate in the Leaderboard
Including more than 288 cards and more than 30 monsters


Play The Witcher Adventure Game

The Witcher Adventure Game play can be a simple, fun and epic at the same time, he said. This game based on the events and issues of The Witcher game series is supplied in a different style. Genre Board (Board) and during which you need to use your beads routes through the map to earn points and etc.

The main theme of the game The Witcher Adventure Game of the main character’s series The Witcher Geralt of Rivia is known as the monstrous murderer is concerned. The story is related to a land.

For the game of the four characters has been illustrated book hero. These people are called Geralt of Rivia with Monster Slayer (killer monsters), Triss Merigold dubbed Cunning Sorceress (Sorceress of Sly), Yarpen Zigrin dubbed Dwarven Warrior (warrior dwarfs) and Dandelion dubbed Roguish Bard (roguish poet )


Each of these characters has their own unique skills. Choose any style and how to play you. Do not choose confrontation for victory? Of magic do you use? Or want this war through diplomacy and compromise and resolve? The choice is yours …


In The Witcher Adventure Game you on a big map, like many other games of the genre board to turn you walked. During the course of missions, including destroying a lot of monsters, solve puzzles and there are ancient and mysterious. Depending on your luck, you may select any of these items for you. The game has online section is also where you can get online with other people around the world, this game will do.

Note: This game only works on Android OS 4.1 and up runs.

One Piece Volume 50

William Shatner’s new book about his 50-year relationship with Leonard Nimoy is No. 11 on the hardcover nonfiction list. To find one game that you want to try, just search in browser MMORPG 2015 to find the latest games that are available over the internet and enjoy while playing in a fantasy like kind of world. Unfortunately, Kai forces you to either buy the DVDs or watch on the Nicktoons channel on cable TV. Whichever way you choose, you’ll have a blast! As expected and demanded – the main story in Dragon Quest IX is a lengthy one – to put it mildly. I would not like it that anyone was playing mind games on me. You learn to trust people over time, so there is no need to keep testing them because a person just might get played and in the end they will have no one.

It is unlike most other games that you can play alone, with capitals you have to play with your friends. Sequel to Dragon Ball Z to begin running on January 16 – The American Nicktoons TV channel confirmed this week that it will begin running the Dragon Ball GT anime series on January 16 at 7:00 p.m. EST. Few games have captured the thrill of jumping on the back of your horse, walking into a crowded town and standing off in the main street with a gang leader as Red Dead Redemption. The Space Empires game series is one of the longer lasting 4x turn based strategy games available. Bo jest jeszcze Dragon Ball Z w takich plikach tylko że jest 160 odcinków a nie 291 like in dragon city hackers.

Whether you are looking to purchase a unique gift, a representation of a fantasy world, a symbol of protection, or an element for Fung Shui, Draconia Wicca, or any type of white magic, there is a dragon collectible for your every need. Set in a world that was struck with horrible disaster, Rage stands out from most other games on the list because it’s a first person shooter.

The Gladiators play home games at the 11,355-seat Infinite Energy Arena (formerly the Arena at Gwinnett Center) which is located just off I-85 on Sugarloaf Parkway in Duluth where parking is always free. With these first two photos of manga eye makeup, I wanted to contrast a couple of things to give you some ideas on how you may want to design your giant eyes. Idiots I love how people are expecting to read very popular manga for free, attack on titan is in stores!

Some great old fashioned gifts include puzzles, card games like UNO, bingo and activity books, bubble making toys, an easel, rock tumbler and banks. Like I said earlier—if you actually read the whole article before rushing off to express your vitriol against me in your comments—I’m not ruling out the fact that some badass guys (and girls) out there play mind games for other sinister reasons like seeking to control their subjects but right now, I’m only speaking for myself here. The child catching the ball must answer the question that is touching his right thumb.

The Godfather is a series of two action-adventure games published by Electronic Arts which are based on The Godfather series and films. Most of the games are Flash based games; hence if you do not have Flash player installed on your computer, you will not be able to play board games. I do not consider it the best show ever (far from it), but there is no other property that fills me with nostalgia quite as much as Dragon Ball. Virtual Tennis 2009 – Another amazing tennis game currently being on top selling games.