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Eco-Adventures for Women

A Different Approach...

Wild Chickadee Adventures provides opportunities for women who want to learn new skills and challenge themselves in a safe environment.  Wild Chickadee Adventures dispels the myth that adrenaline must accompany extreme sports.  It is possible to explore the rivers and rocks of the Cariboo with minimal risk and still appreciate the beauty of the surrounding flora.    

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Courses Scheduled for Summer 2004

Saturday June 26 and Sunday June 27,  9:30am - 3:00pm

Learn the basics of river kayaking on the lake on Saturday, then explore a local river on Sunday. (location to be announced)

Cost $150.00  (necessary equipment included)


Thursday July 16, 6:30pm

Learn the basics of river kayaking on the lake.

Cost: $25.00 (necessary equipment included)


Saturday July 31 and August 1,   9:30am - 3:00pm

Learn the basics of river kayaking on the lake on Saturday, then explore a local river on Sunday.   (location to be announced)

Cost $150.00 (necessary equipment included)


Individualized Packages

Packages are customized to meet the needs of each group.  Activities include: rock climbing and whitewater kayaking, .  Guests are not combined with any other groups unless they request it.  The friends you choose to travel with will be the only guests here during your stay.  All guests are requested to keep their numbers to a maximum of four.  This instructor to participant ratio allows for the most effective learning environment. Climbing can be paired with paddling adventures or groups can spend the vacation experiencing different rivers or comparing several crags.  Trips will include stories of the local history on the way to the water.   

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Develop your spirit in the Cariboo wilderness and allow Wild Chickadee Adventures to teach you new skills to enjoy the outdoors without fear and at your own pace. 


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